Chanel Mademoiselle Prive, October 2015

I knew it would be an amazing experience as soon as I got off the tube and the queue in Sloane Square that led to the Saatchi Gallery was miles long (kind of). I visited towards the end of the exhibition on the Thursday 29th October. I was joined by thousands of others who were equally excited to see what a Chanel exhibition had to offer. After the experience of working for Chanel beauty over Christmas 2014, I knew there was a rich history behind Chanel and I couldn’t wait to visibly see the timeline.

The queue itself was a fashion-feast to my eyes as my fellow exhibit-viewers were dressed impeccably; showcasing the seasons must haves and Chanel’s finest. Nothing fills me with joy more than seeing people sharing my obsession for clothes and making me feel like it’s acceptable to spend thousands of pounds of items of clothing. After what felt like a lifetime wait, I entered the Saatchi Gallery to a chic, mood-lit entrance that had Chanel (hypothetically) written all over it. I knew from that moment the exhibition would excel my expectations.

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It was truly a journey through time that truly defines Coco Chanel and the journey that the fashion house has taken. The lighting was key throughout the exhibition as it showcased the beautiful garments and inspiration behind all of Chanel’s finest moments.

To learn more about the photographs taken and what event they captured see link below.

References: All photos were taken by me on 29/10/15.


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