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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Part 1 (I’m sure there’s many more to come).

I was doing so well saving and then this happened…

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If you’re a foundation fiend like myself, shopping online is often risky business as foundation shades aren’t all uniform. Orrr if you simply can’t be bothered with the hassle of being matched up at the beauty counter, then this is the site for you (I mean, who wants to take their make up off for a foundation colour match when you have just spent a good period of time making sure you’re looking you’re best.. Not me!). takes all of that risk and hassle away as it matches different brand shades for you!

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First of all.. If you don’t have an Instagram account, get one. You’re missing out. The main reason I love it, is the reason behind this post; it provides endless amounts of inspiration. Inspiration for blogging, fashion and travelling. A perfect place to showcase your talents and interests. You could say it’s a blog minus the text.

As I was scrolling down my newsfeed, I started to notice my favourite celebrities and bloggers hashtagging #liketkit. I then discovered the account It answers all your Instagram-based prayers. Have you ever wondered where that fabulous styled outfit Louise Roe or your favourite blogger is wearing is from? Well with, you can find out! Follow the information provided by their website

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