Max Farago

Max Farago, Photographer

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In an effort to rebrand or enhance it’s image, M&S have recently been featured in the March edition of Vogue. The collection is very appropriate for the Vogue readers and is clearly more fashion-forward than it has ever been. You can find out more about the collection on:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 14.03.11

The collection was photographed beautifully by Max Farago. He is no stranger to Vogue, as his work has featured many times before this occasion. One of his recent features is in an article discussing how Peckham has become London’s cultural epicentre; found here:

Max Farago is a New York-based photographer. He can be found in both the fashion and Art worlds. He is well known for his editorial work; he is featured in Vogue and Dazed. He also has produced his own work in his exhibitions, showcased world-wide e.g. Disconnect. A Dazed interview with himself and Lauren Houssin (2012) states that his work looks ” for visual coincidences and patterns, Farago is interested in finding connections between subjects which are not originally related”. His work often is natural and the message in the photograph is often in the detail.

Max Farago states in the interview (Houssin, 2012) that “most of the pictures in the show are personal but many were taken in places where I was working on an assignment. I feel very lucky to be able to travel so much for work. Sometimes the difference between commissioned and personal work is more clear than others. My best commercial work happens when it feels most personal”.

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More of his work can be found below:

Interview with Lauren Houssin (2012) retrieved from



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