Gestured Florals

WGSN Trend by Graham Krag, 2016

Gestural Florals

Normally any form of print is a no-go for me, yet, Krag‘s trend of gestural florals really appeals to me. The trend originates from the London Print Design Fair (April 2016), where the trend was seen and named hand-rendered. This is typically expressively painted or precisely hand-drawn, the artistry is evident and resembles the fine art genre than textile repeats. I feel like Hannah Watkins’ summary of this trend is something that appeals to my A-level-Art-self, as the artistry is appreciated.

Gestural Florals utilises emotive mark-making and gestural forms using watercolour florals and brushstrokes to create expressive prints. Floral prints are iconic in the summer months. Gestural Florals will be the perennial trend for womenswear SS17.

Gestured Florals, Kuwaii (2016).

 Oversized_Print_col Oversize_placement_Graphic Cluster_brush_Print

Images taken from, Krag, 2016.

London Print Design Fair (April 2016) presented the Romantic Blooms Trend. This trend will be seen in AW16 and taken from the catwalks. The florals are placed on pale pastel backgrounds. The hand painted perennial print evokes the Renaissance era for a feminine feel.

  Eyefix_Designs_lpf50416_P1070182 Baxter_Fawcett_Design_Studio_lpf0416_P1070110

Images taken from, Watkins, 2016.

References, Graham Krag. (2016). Gestural Florals., Hannah Watkins. (2016). London Print Design Fair.


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