Clinique: City Block Purifying™ Charcoal Clay Mask & Scrub

This charcoal mask and scrub is new to my skincare routine. As I now work in retail, I find my make up cakes up and I get a lot shinier throughout the day. I have also started getting tiny spots on my nose/T-zone area as I feel like I’m sweating almost under my make up and as a result, is clogging my pores up.

Also the more make up you purchase, the more skincare you have to purchase. Its a vicious circle.

I went into boots and noticed this new product. After debating the expensive price point of £29, I decided to pick it up and trial it.

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The product claims to…

“Benefits: Purifies and polishes skin for a deep-clean treatment.

Dual-action mask purifies and polishes skin for a delightful deep-clean treatment. Natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay help remove pollution and impurities, while natural silica beads gently refine texture” (, 2016).

How to Use:

  • Use 1-2 times a week.
  • Apply generously to clean skin. Avoid eye area.

  • Leave on 5 minutes or until mask turns pale blue.

  • Remove with warm water, massaging in a circular motion to exfoliate.

I then use my Liz Earle skin care routine. I have noticed a real difference and I feel as though my pores have decreased in size. It really does deep cleanse and purifies your skin, I would definitely recommend it.
References:, 2016.

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