Sao Paulo Fashion Week- ‘See Now, Buy Now’

São Paulo Fashion Week’s Bold Pivot To ‘See Now, Buy Now’

By Jorge Grimberg November 2, 2016

As a result of Brazil’s ongoing economic and political crisis, only 21 brands showed at this years SPFW. After two years of economic meltdown that has impacted the local fashion industry, designers are seeking new strategies and ideas that can assist the current situation.

A new problem is emerging: according to Brazilian fashion broadcaster Maria Prata, “Different designers presented different seasons,” she says. “Niche brands and smaller businesses, such as Osklen, Lilly Sarti and Lolitta presented ‘see now, buy now’ collections … but luxury brands, such as Reinaldo Lourenço and Gloria Coelho, chose to present Autumn/Winter 2017″. (BOF, 2016).

“Borges says he was quick to embrace fashion immediacy because Brazilian designers need to communicate more directly with local consumers” (BOF, 2016). However some designers are disagreeing with the ‘see now, buy now’ strategy. “I think [the move to fashion immediacy] is an overgeneralisation of things,” says Juliana Santos, chief executive of Dona Santa, a luxury multi-brand boutique in Recife, in Brazil’s Northeast region. “Immediacy might only work for a specific audience, who is connected to Instagram 24 hours a day. But there is also another type of consumer who honestly doesn’t care. It can’t be all or nothing” (BOF, 2016).



Giuliana Romanno





Article: BOF. (2016). taken from
Photos: taken from




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