Portfolio of Projects, First Year

Below is the link to the Portfolio of selected projects I have completed in my first year using Indesign. I finished my first year studying Fashion Textile Buying Management with 1:1. I really enjoyed my first year of University and believe it has created a great foundation that my following years can build on.



Athleisure Trend

If it’s good enough for Chanel, then it’s good enough for anyone.

Recently I had to complete an assignment regarding the active sportswear landscape amongst certain retailers. After completing large amounts of research, it was clear that the ‘athleisure’ trend is here to stay. After discovering Chanel’s AW14 sportswear-inspired collection, there’s no wonder leisurewear has taken on a new meaning and we are increasingly seeing sporty looks in everyday apparel rather than wearing it to participate in a sport. However, it’s not just the catwalk that is influencing our buying behaviour, the social trends of health and wellness amongst women is encouraging investment in apparel for a variety of exercise activities.   Continue reading