Burberry’s Makers House, London

Yesterday, I visited the Burberry Maker’s House, situated in Soho which showcased the latest SS17 collection and the inspiration behind it. It was a unique experience of original works, and processes involved in Burberry’s creation.

img_6236img_6237 img_6240 img_6242

The entrance, Bookbinding workshop with Shepherds and Bespoke & Bound, physical inspiration.

img_6250 img_6251 img_6248

The fashion history behind the collection was really captured in this room. The Burberry archive team journeyed through the pivotal moments from the company’s 160 year history, delving into themes such as its British military history, how Thomas Burberry came to dress pioneering aviators and polar explorers and the brand’s dedication to great craftsmanship.  Here shows the innovative fabric, which remains the heart of Burberry.

img_6260 img_6279 img_6277 img_6272 img_6271 img_6270 img_6266 fullsizerender-1-jpg1 fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-1-jpg2

Throughout the collection it is apparent that the choice of rich patterns, textures of fabric, choice of silhouettes and iconic pieces are all Burberry through and through. The collection has structured pieces and amorphous pieces which both suggest the pieces are heavily influenced by Britain’s military history. Sloped/masculine shoulders, unisex pieces, romantic boudoir influences in material, layering of pieces, collar detail, waist belts and tiered dress detail are all themes that ran throughout the collection. The choice of prints were really the highlight of the whole collection for me; featuring typically British historical prints amongst contrasting current stripes and leopard print really paid tribute to fashion, creating a collection that brings a mixture of influences together uniquely and tastefully. I can’t forget to mention the dynamics of the show; showcasing the male and female collection with consistent styling and innovative gender-mixed models line up.

The show is linked below:





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